QWhat is NZSAR Resources ?
In basic terms the NZSAR Resources website is a - geographically referenced phone book. In recent years it's features have expanded to include extra mapping tools and resource tasking assistance. This latest version has refined the site and introduced a modern user interface.
QHow do I get access ?
Access is typically permitted to agencies, groups and resource providers involved in Search and Rescue, however anyone wishing access will be considered. To gain access to the site, simply contact the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand
QWhat type of information is available ?
The site mainly consists of Search and Rescue (SAR) Resource contact details and capability.
QWhere can I get help with using this site ?

Contact Us

For more information about the NZSAR Resources Database, Listing your SAR Resource on this website, or becoming a SAR Provider for New Zealand, please contact us using the details below.  

  • Address :  Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand, PO Box 30050, Lower Hutt
  • Phone :  (+64) - 4 - 577 - 8030
  • Email :  rccnz@maritimenz.govt.nz
  • Fax :  (+64) - 4 - 577 - 8049
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